Top Bid's Price Reference Guide helps you accurately value equipment that you own and equipment that you are considering to purchase. Ensure that every deal you make is a great deal for you. In fact, overpaying for a single piece of equipment by just 1% will cost you more than your investment in Top Bid's Price Reference Guide.

Every type of equipment - from aerial lifts to crawler tractors - is reported in the Price Reference Guide, including trucks and trailers. With monthly updates, pocket guide showing low, average, and high prices, and a toll-free help line, the most-up-to-date, most accurate information is always at your fingertips.

  • Print - Top Bid publishes two Price Reference Guide editions annually, each covering 6 months of auction results. Each edition typically lists over 45,000 items sold at auction. Results are sorted by equipment type, manufacturer, model, and serial number. (See sample). The print edition also includes the shipping dimensions table with over 15,000 models listed.
  • On-line - Top Bid online provides weekly updates of recent auctions and provides historical auction results since 2005. (See sample).

For a list of the major manufacturers covered in the price reference guide, click here.

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