CONSTRUCTION    See trend charts of construction auction values.

TRUCKING    See trend charts of truck auction values.

LIFT TRUCKS    See trend charts of lift truck auction values.

Every day the value of your equipment fluctuates depending on the prices of the similar equipment sold at auctions. Monitor auction trends here to see if your assets are increasing or decreasing in value. These trends are especially important if you're:

  • BUYING: Figure the low end that you can expect to pay, and estimate how much a dealer has invested to recondition the equipment they have for sale.
  • SELLING: Auction values determine your equipment's value.
  • LEASING: Leasing companies use auction values to assess the residual value at the end of your lease. Higher residual value means you pay a lower lease payment.
  • REFINANCING: Banks want to ensure they can sell your equipment in case of a default. Since they will expect to receive auction prices, they will use recent auction prices to determine the maximum amount they will provide on your refinance.

If you are interested in valuing your assets by the specific model number, please contact us or get more information.

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